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TY Camping Trip 2014

The Transition Year group went on a camping trip for two nights In the Wicklow Mountains. We left the school on Tuesday morning and arrived in Wicklow to begin our expedition.

On the first day we were lucky because the sky was clear. After a great hike, we arrived at our first camping spot. It was really beautiful, as you can see from the pictures.  We played rugby with a ball made from dirty socks. Kaiem & Jordan quickly learnt that the water was freezing when they jumped into the river. We had lots of craic and the campfire was lovely and kept us warm. We learnt that night a new meaning of the word cold. The wind was blowing our tarps away. After a rough night, with not much sleep, we embarked on our second day of hiking. Keith came down with an awful case of ‘hypothermia’ and Klajdi soon learnt that his boots were not waterproof.

The hike on Wednesday was much more difficult. Falling became the norm. There was a very thick fog and we couldn’t have been happier when we reached the top. We descended the mountain to our second camp site. After two days, it was great to see civilisation in the distant houses. We tried to make pizzas on the campfire, some were successful, and others were not. Jake learnt how to tie his laces thanks to Mr Dowd’s patience. We were all wrecked by the second night, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time, especially David Dunne (for a quiet person, he really can talk!). Ms Hackett was not happy the next morning when she was woken up by screams of laughter at 6.30am J

We were all eager to get home, drop our heavy bags, hop into a warm shower and get into our cosy beds, which we appreciated more than ever.  Overall we think the trip was really successful and fun. We felt a real sense of achievement after tackling such a great challenge. The leaders, Gavin & Declan were great and we will never forget this experience. Bhíomar tuirseach traochta ach sona sásta!

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