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The Great Brunner Quiz

Brunner Senior Quiz Winners

Brunner Senior Quiz Winners

The Great Brunner Quiz was held in St Paul’s CBS today with some thirty teams competing in the Junior Quiz and a similar number testing their powers in the Senior Quiz. Thanks and congratulations must go to the school’s Student Council which, under the chairmanship of Dale Chen, put a lot of time and effort into organising a very successful, fun event. Thanks must also go to those staff members and

Junior Quiz Winners

Junior Quiz Winners

students who gave their time to set up and supervise the quiz centres. First Year Head Mr McCormack MC’d the Junior Quiz while 2nd Year Head Mr. O’Leary did the honours in the Senior Quiz. All money raised was used to fund prizes for the winning team and prizes for the raffle. If next year’s quiz is as good we will have a great time in May 2014!

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