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Student Council Notice

School Crest RED n WHITE metalStudent Council Meeting 7th October 2014
Topics Discussed:
– Formation of committees within student council.
– Funding of prizes for Halloween Costume event by Ms. Roe.
– Anti-Cyber Bullying poster competition.
– Debating competition between Brunner and Stanhope Street.
– Home-Economics equipment.

– Committees such as Finance, Public Relations, Advertising and Media are formed – to give more structure within the council and involve all members.
– It has been agreed to donate €50 to the Halloween event.
– The poster competition has been in debate if it should kick start after mid-term, after more proper planning. Prizes are already decided, and rules of entry.
– Awaiting confirmation of interest from Stanhope Street, several members are in contact with their Student Council.
– List of equipment is finalised and funds ready to be spent. Expect new equipment after midterm!

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