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Student Council Notice

Student Council Meeting 28th November 2014

Topics Discussed:
– Christmas Breakfast
– Rugby training grounds
– Toilets
– End of year event ‘Brunner Games’
– Debating Competition

Christmas Breakfast – This was a hot topic today. The SC has agreed to sponsor and help execute this event alongside with several teachers and the TYs. Huge organisation is required and will be made in the days leading to the event. Separate committees have been created for definite tasks. Another meeting specifically for this event will follow up next week.
Rugby training grounds – A rugby team has started in the school. It has been brought up that the team would love to have a green training ground. This would greatly aid their training and improve performance. A ground near our school has been seen ideal, so contacts are being made via the PE teacher.
Toilets – It has been agreed that a toilet roll system (thanks to Mr. McCormack) will be implemented. A soap dispenser is also in talks and being researched.
Brunner Games – Thanks to Mr. Dunlevy, a rough idea of the type of activities has been created. He has also sketched a rough map for the ideal areas for each activity. We hope to finalize the games, and get the official date ready. We aim to present an activity for everyone during the event.
Debating Competition – The neighboring Stanhope Street school have contacted us. We are in talks with Mr. Stynes and the other school.

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