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A student council is a representative structure for all students through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parent. It should always work for the benefit of the school and its students. The current president of our Student Council for the 2018/19 school year is Corngau Chen and the vice-president is Karl Dawson.

St. Paul’s CBS has had a student council (SC) for many years. The council is open for all students to join. All year groups would have one or two representatives. Council meetings are held normally every second Monday, at lunch time. Meetings are chaired by the president, who is democratically elected every year.

The primary role of the SC is that students have the opportunity to bring up any issues to their representatives, who will report it at student council meetings. The SC will then try to solve the problem or take appropriate actions.

Furthermore, the SC organizes school various activities such as non-uniform day, mentoring programmes, annual activities, and charity donations. Over the years, The Brunner Student Council has achieved a number of different things and brought about many changes in the interest of the students. The organization itself is a perfect opportunity for students to learn various different abilities, such organizational skill, communicational skill etc. Therefore, the Student Council is beneficial to its members as well as to the rest of the school.

The Student Council 2018-19 is as follows:

Student Council  Members and Roles

President​: Corngau Chen

Vice President​: Karl Dawson

Treasurer​: Nicholas Irwin

Secretary​: Alex Grant

Spokesperson​: Corngau Chen

1st year representatives​: Yong Xie  Kayleum Breen

2nd year representatives​: Braxton Rice  Kyle Cooney

3rd year representatives​: Dylan O’Toole  Alex Grant

TY representatives​: Corngau Chen  Nicholas Irwin

5th year representatives​: Karl Dawson  Lee Grace

6th year representatives​: Barry O’Brien  Ryan Campbell

Student’s Council


Student Council Meeting 14th November 

Topics Discussed:

– Refurbishment of toilet facilities.
– Christmas Event.
– End of year event.
– Further investment in Home Economics equipment.
– Board of Management Meeting – SC presentation to the Board.
– Mentoring Programme for Junior Cycle students.

– Plans to facilitate hand-sanitizers and refurbish the toilets are in talks. A log-book system could also be implemented to make sure the new facilities are not damaged.
– The student council is willing to fund, aid and organize the end of term event. Ms. Lawlor is planning to organize a Christmas breakfast, which will be sponsored by the student council.
– Ideas are being shared for a new fun event for all the students. The ‘Brunner Games’ consisting of sport and academic activities – was the most popular during the meeting. We will have to wait for further information.
– Thanks to the generous donations during the Non-Uniform day, and the success of the last investment of the Home Economics equipment – we have decided to invest another €200 in the room.
– The school Principal has invited the student council to the next Board of Management meeting. This will provide an extraordinary opportunity for the students as a whole, to express their voice. We are thrilled, and will update as the date gets closer.
– We are thinking of ways to help juniors. Holding talks on exam and study preparation by people who excelled in difficult subjects may be held. More information will be released later.

Student Council Report 2013-14

The school year of 2013-2014 started with a surge of motivation. This is thanks to the success of our end of year event in the previous year. The Student Council has been very busy and active this year. The recruiting campaign has been a success as we have gained several new members who represent their class and year. We have organised a number of non-uniform days at the end of the terms. These days have been successful. They have provided funds for the Student Council and local charities. These funds help us reach our goal which this year was very simple: to make sure every student is enjoying school and getting the most out of it.

Thanks to the fundraisers, we have bought a top of the range microwave for the Home Economics room. This will enhance the experience of the students when cooking. We have also been working hard to get new gym equipment and we promise the school that we will achieve this next year!
We also helped out the sport teams in our school. New equipment and jerseys were bought for the football and Gaelic teams. This was an excellent decision as our lads can now represent the school in awesome looking shorts and jerseys!

Another amazing table quiz was organised for the end of the school year with food also be provided. This was part of the school’s Edmund Rice celebrations and it was a fantastic and most enjoyable day on the school calendar.

More events will be organised ‘for the students, by the students’ next year. We will also try to fund more necessary equipment for practical subjects. Every year we gain more experience. Through this experience, the school lives of the students will be improved. Overall, this year has been a great success for the Student Council.

Brunner student council report 2012/13

This year the Brunner Student Council (SC) has been very busy working on their year plan. Many activities were organized throughout the year. They are as follows:

Anti-bullying campaign:

At the beginning of the academic year, it was brought to our attention that there were incidences of bullying, especially among the juniors. The student council decided to run an Anti-bullying campaign in the school. Posters were designed and printed by members of the council. They were put up throughout the school. The SC members were also informed to report any bullying incidences to a member of staff.

Mentoring Program for 3rd years

This idea was started off by the SC liaison teacher Mr. McCormack. A number of third years student were paired up with a mentor from the senior group. The idea is that the mentors could give the 3rd years advice on preparing for their Junior Cert. This has been a great success and the SC is looking to continue this programme next year.

Student council AGM

Four council members were sent to the Student Council AGM that was held in the Red Cow Moran Hotel in April 2013. They shared ideas with student council members from other schools. It was a very beneficial event and we obtained a lot of ideas. One of the ideas we implemented was getting the Student Council notice board.

Fundraising and sponsorship

This year the SC has organized five Non-uniform days. All of the funds are recorded and managed by the school office. We decided to fund the school GAA team in purchasing a brand new set of jerseys. Also, we bought a new microwave for the Home Economics room, as requested by Ms. Lawlor.

Table Quiz

The Brunner table quiz was held near the end of the year and it was a great success. Both Juniors and Seniors took part in the quiz. There were prizes for the winning teams and several raffle draws. It was a fantastic day for everyone in the school. Again, the Student Council would like to thank everyone for taking part, and all the teachers who were there to help us organize the quiz.


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