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SEAI Team Light Up Croke Park!

SEAI Team 2017Yesterday our Power Preservers Team – Kian Fitzwilliam, Lee Grace, Corngau Chen, Dante Cousolito and Tommy Ahmed, represented St. Paul’s CBS in the SEAI One Good Idea Final in Croke Park.

They have worked tirelessly over the past four months on their project to reduce our schools energy consumption and increase awareness of climate change within our school community. Their lock blockers and light bulb reminders have served to remind both staff and students to be conscious of wasting electricity when leaving a classroom. In addition their Earth Hour event increased awareness of climate change within the school and over 90% of students want to do more to reduce their carbon footprint.

Yesterday, they stood on stage and confidently presented their ‘one good idea’ to a panel of judges and an audience of fellow students and teachers. The judges commended the team on a well delivered, confident presentation and the boys really did Brunner proud in their presentation skills and quick thinking when answering judges questions.

While the Power Preservers did not win the overall prize they did win €250 for the school and received a glass plaque to commemorate their huge achievement of reaching the final of the competition.

We are so proud of how they conducted themselves and of their achievement and look forward to continuing their good work.

Power Preservers 2 Corngau delivers an address A thoughtful moment Power Preservers 1

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