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School Reunion – Class of 1988

school crest 1869-1969“Is the school around the corner just the same?”  So goes the popular school anthem to accompany The School Around the Corner television series.  As we all are aware change happens whether we want it to or not.  This is true of my old primary and secondary school.  Having sat my Leaving Cert a quarter of a century ago I returned to Brunner in 2012, this time as a student teacher.  It was odd meeting principal Mr. Blanchfield (Chemistry), Deputy Principal Mr. Keane (my Irish and form tutor right through all second level), Mr. Smyth (Inter Cert English) and Mr. O’Shea (Religion and Business).    Not having to prefix my greeting with Mr.,to be on first name terms; a strange shift indeed.  It was great to see Mr. Hanratty, recently retired, and hear that he is still posting great running times. The teachers have been incredibly supportive of my fledgling adventure in teaching.

As I mentioned earlier I sat my Leaving Cert in 1988 and to celebrate this myself and my former classmates gathered in The Church, Mary Street in September 2012 and September 2013.  Initially, I was uncertain as to how the first reunion would unwind.  I needn’t have worried as one of the leading lights of our class, Dessie Judge, had contacted most of our cohort.  There was a great turn out and a precarious game ensued of putting a name to the slightly more lined face.   All of the guys have done well for themselves. Their professions were as follows: 3 Gardai, 1 psychiatric nurse, 1 air steward, 1 landscape gardener, 4 financial consultants, 2 printers, 1 hospital porter, 2 soldiers and an Assistant Secretary in the Office of An Taoisigh.  The remainder worked in sales or I.T. Two of the lads had travelled over especially from the U.K. After the second reunion it was generally decided that next time The Richmond Bar on Church Street would make a far better venue.  It would be quiet, less crowded and if any of the visiting lads hankered after the school they could just pop around the corner.

Clearly, things have changed in Brunner and this is only to be expected.  There is a balance to be struck with students today possessing the technical advantages like computers and mobiles which we didn’t have; with the pressure of the Leaving Cert points system, which we didn’t experience. However, joining us all together is the fact that we are Brunner Boys and the last word goes to our school anthem: “Though we may be years apart, we are still the same at heart.”

For some pics of from the old days you can click here and here


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