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Rugby team defeated in final but gained a victory overall

The rugby final was finally played at Donnybrook stadium in front of several exclusive Leinster rugby officials as well as other schools on the 12th of April. Unfortunately for Brunner it would not be their day to win the battle on the field, as they lost to Drimnagh castle.

The students fully equipped and enthusiastic arrived at Donnybrook at about 11.15 am. A quick change in the dressing room and some encouraging words from management was then followed by a thirty minute warm up. Dressed in the traditional red and black, with the sun shining brightly on the 4G surface, Brunner stepped out to take on the mighty Drimnagh Castle. From the kick off, the game was played at an electric pace and the team were taking some hard hits from the Drimnagh castle team. Penalities were exchanged over and back for the first fifteen minutes with nobody capturing their opportunities. However some handling errors were going to prove costly for Brunner as they let in two quick tries, which were not converted just before halftime.

At halftime the boys looked deflated, they felt physically and mentally drained. The strength and muscle power of their opposition was beginning to defeat them. Mr. Geraghty and Mr. Dunleavy reminded the lads that this was match was not over. They reminded the team that “Together we have built a team from scratch throughout the year. We as a team have turned inexperienced boys into players. We fought hard to get a full squad to training and every person here deserves their place on the team. Lets go out their in the second half, give it everything that we have left and it just might turn our way.”

The second half similar to the first started at an electric pace but Brunner began to get on top. A quick try created by a team effort, meant we were back in the game. The dream was short lived though, as from the kick off, the ball was turned over and Drimnagh scored a try. Another quick try put the game to bed with time running low but the boys battled right till the very end, which was extremely honourable of them.

After the game both Mr. Geraghty and Mr. Dunleavy spoke several words to recognise the hard work that the boys had put in. “We were very grateful to have the unique opportunity to take over the rugby team. For this team to reach the final was a major victory in itself. The boys should be extremely proud of themselves. Throughout the year it was clear that several boys on the team had little experience in rugby and were trying it out for the fun. They gained much more than just delight as they became part of team that reached a final, beating all the odds. What we recognised especially throughout the year, is that Brunner possesses a special sense community in all aspects of the school. Every individual worked together to make that team what it is. We led training sessions, running several drills however our drills were not the only key aspect to training. Another key aspect, was when the experienced players taught the inexperienced and never once was their a complaint when something was done incorrectly in training. Instead it was a “lets get it right next time” attitude that prevailed. With several players only in TY and fifth year, their improvement and ability will hopefully be seen again on the field next year. We would also encourage the current third years to become involved next year. With regard the sixth years on the team we wish them well and hope that they continue to play rugby in the future.”

Mr. McCormack and Mr. Keane stated “They were extremely proud of the staff and students for their achievements throughout the year. Rugby has become another special feature of this school over the years. We would encourage as many students as possible to get involved next year.”

Team photo just before kick off

Team photo just before kick off

Contesting the lineout






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