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Past Pupil Visits Brunner

LCA BlackboardOn Wednesday, September 17, the class were visited by a former pupil.  Mark Prendergast has years of experience of the world of work.  Mark has worked in Dublin Zoo since his graduation, from St. Paul’s, in 2007.  Mark spoke to the students about how he reached a crossroads in his life and that if he had chosen the wrong path his life would be far less pleasant.  He encouraged the students to go on to further education because of the flat jobs market. Mark himself is one of 88 qualified zoologists in the country having graduated from Sparsholt College in the UK.  Mark highlighted the need for hard work, in each class, to achieve the maximum number of credits.  He also stated how the LCA programme had prepared him very well for the world of work.  The talk concluded by Mark warning the students of the dangers of illicit substances.  We would like to thank Mark for his time and wish him all the best for the future.

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