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Little Italy Home Economics Field Trip

On Friday 10 th October Ms Lawlor and the second year Home Economics class went on a trip to Little Italy.

On our trip we got a true authentic Italian experience. We were greeted by 3 lovely Italian staff who we conversed with a little in Italian. On exploring our wonderful surrounding we got to work investigating all of the wonderful real Italian produce.

We saw delicious formaggi (cheese) – ricotta, parmigiano-reggiano, provolone & mozzarella,  carne (meat) – prosciutto, salami, lardo, caffe (Coffee), pasta – rigatoni, penne, conchiglie, farfalle, orecchiette, bucatini,tortellini,  orzo and lots more as well as pane (bread) & grissini, pomodoro (Tomatoes), riso (rice) . There were a huge selection of torta and biscotti  and cannoli (cakes, biscuits and pastries).

This linked in hugely to our recent studies on the food groups such as meat, fish, cereals, dairy etc as well as being cross curricular for the Italian students. We also got some amazing inspiration for out next couple of practical cookery class 5 (2)

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