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Home Economics Spooky Halloween Baking

Carved Pumpkins

Carved Pumpkins

Leading up to Halloween 2014, the Home Economics students here at St. Pauls CBS and Ms Lawlor really got  into the spooky vibe of Halloween with some super Halloween themed baking classes.

All  1st , 2nd and 3rd year JCSP Home Economics were taught some very cool Halloween inspired baking recipes. Not only did the students improve in areas like literacy and numeracy ( reading and understanding exciting and novel recipes, costings, budgeting and weighing and measuring ingredients) through activities like these, they also got to demonstrate their fantastic creative flair.

The  3rd year classes and recipes included Flaming Toffee Apples, Fondant Ghosts and Spooky Tie Dye Cakes.

One group of 2nd Year students all entered and competed in a Halloween Cupcake Decorating Competition. Some of the entries from class were scarily good. Scott Clarke and Lee O Neill were the winners.

The other 2nd Year students learned how to make a classic chocolate mousse but present it as a spooky graveyard dessert full of skeletons, tomb stones and wriggly worms in the earth.


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Spooky Tie Dye Cake

Spooky Tie Dye Cake








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photo 1 (10)



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