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The Evalinto Project is about Senior and Junior students from migrant backgrounds working together to gain a better understanding from one another about their cultures and their hobbies interests to encourage progress in school.

Over the past 6 weeks we have had several sessions working together and learning more about each other.

It was interesting as there was a variety of different students from different backgrounds. The juniors are Ali from Kenya, Florin from Romania, Kacper from Poland, Krystian from Poland, and Emmanuel from South Africa. The seniors are Pranav from Mauritius, Gelu from Romania, Mohammad from Mauritius. Florentin from Poland and Konrad from Poland

Evalinto helped Seniors and Juniors to chat to each other and make a bond.

A Summary of the past six weeks that we have done are as follows:

  • In the first session we introduced ourselves to each other we talked about our overall view of our cultures.
  • In the second session we talked into more detail about our favourite foods from our cultural cuisine.
  • In the third session we talked about our hobbies and our interests such as movies and sports.
  • In the fourth week the Seniors helped the Juniors to make their first study timetable.
  • In the fifth week the Seniors and the Juniors got to take part in activities such as basketball and table tennis, we learned how to communicate with each other and noted our sporting strengths and weaknesses.
  • In the last week we wrote this article and we reflected on what we did.


Overall it was a fun interesting social experiment and everyone enjoyed it.

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