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DIT Nutrition & Brunner 2nd Year Home Economics

Over the last number of weeks one of the 2nd year Home Economics groups here at St. Pauls collaborated with the DIT Human Nutrition & Dietetics students to learn more about nutrition and diet.

On our first meeting the group partook in some fun games to learn more about the “shocking” sugar content of seemingly healthy foods. They then went on to discuss some health concerns and popular topics relating to snacking, eating patterns and special diets. There were a couple of fun competitions too which led to some very cool prizes !!!

Following on from this, in our next session  the group developed brilliant healthy eating posters. After much discussion and group work a lot of healthy swaps in terms of lunch options and snacks were chosen.These great  posters are now adorning our school corridors for the benefit of all our students .

The group then proceeded to put their new knowledge into practice by creating healthy lunches fro themselves from our hands on cookery workshop.

Students also learned to calculate their own BMI and daily energy requirements. Students also learned about some special diets that affected some of their own family members like diabetes and coeliac disease.



Overall this was a great project with excellent learning outcomes.


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