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Come back Kings


Brunner 3 Rosmini 3

It was early pressure put on by the Brunner boys with Brunner getting an early chance to score but slowly blocked by the defender. Rosmini scoring inside six minutes. 1-0 Rosmini. After the goal Rosmini had most of the possession. It was a lovely play by Josh and Ryan with the defender just getting the ball. Within a few minutes Brunner got the equalizer. 1-1. Darren Mc Donald with a lovely side footed finish in top corner.

Within a couple of minutes Ryan Moore hit the bar with a lovely effort just beating the goalkeeper. It was a great play by Jason Ivory and Ryan Moore who played it into Josh O’Reilly who was just offside. A short while later Christopher Forrester got the ball on the 18 and tried to run at the defence but he was denied by the defender. Not long after Christopher’s first effort he hit the crossbar with a lovely effort in the 16th minute. In the space of 30 seconds Christopher came close again to scoring but it just went over the bar.

Within 2 minutes Brunner was behind again. It all came from a silly free kick gave away by the Brunner defence. 20th minute 2-1 Rosmini. Within a minute it was a poor effort by the Rossini number 7 which the ball rolled out to their number 10 who turned Darren Mc Donald who got back in to prevent the cross. It was a great ball over the top into Ryan who put a lovely ball in across the box that no one was there to finish. In the 31st minute Lee Walker replaced Dare. Soon after there some amount of pressure put on by the Rosmini players but with a good save from Karl Lynan and a good block from Lee Lismore they stopped Rosmini from getting a 3rd. Within a few minutes Brunner started to get the ball down and started to create some chances with one of the best falling to Josh O’Reilly who failed to get onto the end of it. As time went on Brunner had chances but with great play by Rosmini their number 10 was 1 on 1 with Karl. But lucky for Brunner he didn’t find the back of the net. By the 46th minutes Rosmini were 3-1 up.

Second Half

Brunner started off playing down hill. It was some heavy pressure put on by the Brunner boys and within 7 minutes after the restart it was 3-2. The goal came from a free kick by Christopher Forrester who tucked the Free kick into the bottom corner. The keeper had no chance. Within two minutes Jason Ivory beat two players but failed to hit the target. Inside 15 minutes and Brunner had another free kick but the crossbar denies Christopher again. In the 15th minute Adam Turner replaced Josh who had a good game. Shortly after the change the Rosmini goal keeper was put under some amount of pressure but Brunner failed to score that equalizer. Adam with his first touch inside the 20th minute failed to find the back of the net. Within a couple of seconds Usman replaced Jason Ivory. In the 24th minute Adam had another opportunity to convert but failed to do so. 26th minute and Jamie O’Neill and Jordan Molloy replaced Tony Grouse and Karl Taaffe. Right up until the end Brunner had great chances but failed to convert them. As it got into the dying minutes of the match Brunner hit. Again it was Christopher with his second of the game inside the 90th minute. With the end in sight Brunner nearly grabbed a winner but Christopher failed to get his hat-trick.


  • Mangers: Mr. Smyth (Alex Ferguson) and Mr. Mangan
  • Referee: Paul Moran
  • Man of the match : Christopher Forrester
  • Goals By:  Christopher Forrester (2) and Darren Mc Donald


Reporter : Richie King

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