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Christmas Brunch 2014

The Christmas event organised by the SC for this year was a Christmas Brunch. The aim was quite simple; to gather all of our students together and offer them a meal. Foods such as cereal, white and brown bread and hot tasty sausages were on offer. Vegetarian sausages were also available to cater for all students. Orange juice and tea were also served. The festive music in the background added to the enjoyable experience within an atmosphere of laughter and talk. We managed to squeeze all the students in our P.E hall, which is quite a feat. The teachers also had time to eat.

This event took some time to organize. Huge thanks to Ms. Lawlor for bringing this idea into reality, and to all the teachers who have also helped. The student council also played a role in the organization of the day. Of course none of this would be possible without the participation of you all in our non-uniform days. The money collected on those days goes to things like funding the food for the Brunch.

Thanks to all the students who have donated the €2. 🙂


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