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Brunner’s Arnoldas Wins National IT Competition

Arnoldas Wins AwardFirstly, taking part in this National IT competition was a blast! The information about the competition was given to me by the Guidance Counsellor back in April 2013. He gave out a printed poster advertising the competition to everyone. This is when my fantasy to win was planted.

Summer came along, usually a time when students relax and enjoy their time. However, I had a game plan and decided to start my project for the competition basing it around the work of game developers.  After weeks of back and forth emails, I’ve managed to organise an interview with a Digit Gaming Lead Game Designer. The vital and intriguing information What I gathered was then complied into a simple website which I constructed. That was my project entry for the Smart Futures STEM Factor competition.

All it took was a bit of effort and patience, it’s hard to imagine how many companies and people turned their backs on me. Don’t be afraid to try new things as you never know what can happen. In result, I came first place in the Senior Category, and won a tablet plus vital work experience. I would really like to thank the Digit team as without them I would have never won.


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