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Brunner Finish 2nd in CanSat Contest

Read this report from our TY CanSat team:

CanSat is a STEM competition organised by the European Space Agency. Teams from all over Europe take part in regional and national finals, with the European final hosted in Norway. The task is to create a mechanism which mimics the fundamental functions of a weather satellite. However, this device has to fit into a can. After the can is created and results are obtained from various sensors, we have to represent the results to an audience and a line of judges. The presentation is heavily marked and vital for success.

The boys from Brunner have taken part in the Leinster finals. This was taken place in Newcastle. There were nine other teams, all with CanSats which preform a primary and secondary mission. Everyone has the same primary mission (to measure air temperature & pressure) but complete freedom is given for the secondary mission. The CanSat was to be air lifted by a Quad Helicopter. The day went well for us. Our CanSat, landed successfully and we got data back. The presentation went really well. We probably over prepared it, but that’s a good thing. Incredibly, we went through to the nationals along with another Leinster team.


So, the All-Ireland final was held in Birr, Offaly. We stayed overnight at a top quality hotel. However, not a very pleasant night as Arnie & Josh spent all night preparing for the presentation. The CanSats were air lifted by a RC Helicopter and launched by a rocket about 300m into the air! The rocket launch was amazing and probably the highlight of the day. We got our results, but were a little under pressure to prepare them for the presentation. There were six teams, each eager to get the presentations over with. Our presentation went great, and we saw no flaws. However, we didn’t win. We would say we were a close second, but a school from Limerick got through into the European final.

This competition has been a great experience. We have learnt invaluable skills and gained great insight in engineering and science. Skills such as sowing, programming, wiring, presenting and organisation were exercised. This journey really showed us why we learn all these equations in math class, it showed us how to apply them. It gave us a new perspective in the world of science & engineering. For some of us, it opened a new window, a new interest. This competition has been breath-taking, and one of the highlights of our TY year. Thanks Mr. Dowd!

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