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Alumni Visits LCA Group

6th Year LCA & Darren CaffreyOn Wednesday September 16 Darren Caffrey visited the LCA class. Darren graduated from the LCA in St. Paul’s CBS in 2006. He went on to do Theatrical Studies in Liberties College. Darren has gone on to have a successful career in acting, starring in numerous TV commercials and programmes including the BBC drama series Ripper Street.

Darren spoke to the students about the pathways to further education from the LCA course. Darren also highlighted the importance of education in the eyes of employers. He encouraged the students to volunteer in their local community, as Darren himself does. This tied in well with the community and voluntary work module that the students are currently studying with Mr. O’ Leary.

We would like to thank Darren for his informative talk and wish him the very best in his career

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