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A Visit from our Australian ERST Friends

A Visit from our Australian FriendsLast Monday St Paul’s CBS played host to two visitors from Australia. Darren who teaches in Ignatius Park ERST school catering for 1,000 students in Townsville, Queensland and Kate who is a teacher in a 2,000 student ERST school in Melbourne. Darren and Kate are on a ten day visit to Ireland organised through ERST and the Brunner was privileged and delighted to have the opportunity to welcome them for a few hours and provide them with the chance to learn a little about the history and current work of our school. Besides meeting with staff Darren and Kate also got to visit some lessons and to chat with both our Junior and Senior Cycle students about the work that they do.

We offer them and the rest of our ERST visitors the very best wishes for the remainder of their stay.

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