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A Day in the Life

Just prior to Christmas, as a part of their Business in the Community programme 5th year students from St Paul’s CBS paid a visit to the offices of Cornmarket Insurance when they had the opportunity to interview staff members from the various departments. The questions asked by the students included queries about the previous studies that the employees had done, how their current position matched with their ambitions when they were first looking to enter the workplace and ambitions for the future.

After the interview sessions, the students then discussed the information that they had gathered with each group giving a five minute presentation on their findings. For some of the students this was their first time to engage in public speaking. Their willingness to fulfil the task and the standard of their deliveries was very impressive.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those Cornmarket employees who so generously gave up their time to assist with this part of the programme. The next stage of the programme will involve the students preparing for mock interviews and being interviewed by HR staff in Cornmarket. This has proved to be a very valuable part of the programme with previous groups receiving very insightful and practical guidance on interview techniques.

[Note from Students: Many Thanks to Cornmarket for the Selection Boxes!]
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