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Best time in TY


My best moment or time in T.Y was my work experience because I got to have a view or experience of my career job which was great. My first two week work experience was in a phamacy called Superdrug. It was great because I get to know what medicine you can use when you have fever. My second work experience was in Trinity College. I went to learn basic physics and how life is in college, it was great. The third work experience was in A.S.T.I (Association of Secondary Teachers Ireland). It was fun because it was like an office job and I got my own office with computer in it. All I was doing is typing letters, putting files in the drawer and answering phones.

 Usman Adigun


The best thing about TY

The thing I liked most about Transition Year is the laugh with the group. Everybody gets along and there are no conflicts in the class.  I thought there would be since a lot of people from different classes were joining us. I would advise anybody to do it; I’ve become more mature, made more friends and learned a lot about how charities work. Helping others from time to time can go a long way. Our class does a lot together, trips etc, and there has not been one problem whatsoever. In class we have a great laugh. I’m glad I did Transition Year.


 Ross Crowley


My Favourite moment in TY so far…..

My Traditional Work Experience has been my favourite moment so far. The reason for this is because I did my work experience in a garage for a car company called Skoda Auto. I want to be a mechanic when I leave school and this was a perfect place to go for work experience. This is because I was able to see the kind of work mechanic’s do. For a week I was watching and helping mechanic’s fix cars. When the mechanic was fixing a wheel on a car he would me to get different types of tools he would need. Also the mechanic would let me use an air-gun to screw the wheel back in the car. It was awesome because the gun would vibrate in my hand and i would feel so relaxed. Sometimes I clean the windows before the owner of the vehicle comes to collect his car. I had great experience I have to say. I really enjoyed it. I’m guessing I might end up becoming a mechanic myself soon.

Mohamed  Hajji


What I liked most about T.Y

The thing I liked most about T.Y is that you get treated with respect and you can have a bit of a laugh with the teachers. Another thing I liked about T.Y is we get less homework and we can have more free time when we leave go home. The last thing I like about T.Y is going out on trips. We went to Taine at the start of the year. Then we went on trips to museums like Collins Barracks and Kilmainham Gaol. These are the tree things I liked most about T.Y.                                            

Lee Mc Kenna


I will have to say there is a lot of things and events that i enjoyed in my transition year. But I will have to say I enjoyed European week the most.

This was a project based on politics about Europe and sharing our ideas with a German school. Maybe i enjoyed this moment a lot because i won the debate at the end. But I will have to say i enjoyed working with my team-mate and mostly with our supervisor Killian Murphy. We had to do a lot of tasks like:

1)      Picking a team name (ACCP)

2)      Deciding if we want Nuclear Energy or not

3)      Writing our speech

4)      Preparing for our debate

5)      Our party’s Goals and how we will achieve them. etc

Another great thing about this week will have to be skyping the German school.

We also had the local TD Gay Mitchell visit on the day of the debate. He told us a lot of interesting things about politics. Like how people have different views about different things.

By Rufai Smith

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