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2 Munster Short Film for ‘Show Racism the Red Card’

As part of our ‘Year Against Racism’ project for C.S.P.E and S.P.H.E, We decided to make a short film for the ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ competition. We went to Bradóg and learnt about Racism and how it can affect people’s lives. After this we started discussing what we would like our film to accomplish. We wanted to show the difference between an ideal world with no racism and the sad reality where racism exists. We spent a lot of time coming up with ideas and writing the layout of the film. Thanks to the help of Gordon Rochford, who makes short films himself, We had good equipment and guidance to help us make our film. On the day of recording Alex Juncu took to the camera very well. Raphael Seky helped to direct the film and we all had fun taking part in the recording. It was more challenging that we expected but we managed to finish just in time. It was definitely a learning experience. Thanks to Lucian & Chirayu’s hard work, we managed to get the film edited and finished in time. The final edit surpassed our expectations and we were delighted with the result. The response to the film has been so positive and powerful. We hope that the film will have an impact and help to fight racism. We would like to thank Ms.Hackett, Gordon, the Principal and everybody who helped out and well done to the protagonist Godfrey Yoro and all the actors who were very natural in the front of the camera. Maybe there is a future in film making for some of the class! Thanks to all who are sharing and watching. It’s time to SHOW RACISM THE RED CARD!!!

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