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1st Year Visit to DIT for Design Week Activity

For design week this year students were invited to DIT to participate in some bridge design and building.  Students learned about the different types of bridges, their designs and functions.  Armed with their new found knowledge they went to work in engineering teams of 3.  Each team designed and created model bridges using plastic drinking straws and tape as their only construction materials. Their goal is to build the strongest bridge of their own design based on what they had learned in the workshop, while meeting certain design criteria and constraints. They experimented with different geometric shapes and determine how shapes affect the strength of materials. Each team was then pitched against the other to see whose was the most viable design.  Bridges were tested using a plastic cup and marbles, with the bridge supporting the most marbles was the winner.

Needless to say Mr Weldon, Miss Brady and Jillian claim to have won the challenge but the students question whether this was the case!


img_20161110_104858 img_20161110_104914 img_20161110_104907img_20161110_104927

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