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1978 School Year Book

The school has recently received a copy of the 1978 Brunner school year book. We would like to thank the past pupil who gave this to us. We will now begin to convert the pages of the book into a .pdf document and post it on the school website. This will take us a little while to do but keep an eye out for future postings.

  1. Hi I was in brunner from 1977 till 1987. I had a copy of the year book but lost it I am delighted to hear the news. I think I had eithet Mr Foy or Mr Connolly at the time but am not sure. But I do remember me being in the book. John

  2. Hello All at Brunner

    My Nane is Tony Grace ( Anto )
    I was at Brunner from primary to 1997.
    Brother Green was the principle, I remember french teacher ” Mr Starchie”, sicence teacher was Mr.Sanders, Maths was Harry Qualter, there was also a Brother Donahoe. I would love to get in touch with anyone of my era at runner to remember old times.

    I now live in Perth Western Australia for the past 25 years but get back to Dublin as often as I can. Mother and all my family still live in Cabra.

    Would love to hear from anyone who can remenber me !


    Tony Grace

  3. A Big Hello to Everyone at the “School Around The Corner”

    My name is Fergal Freeman. I attended Primary and Secondary at Brunner finishing in 1983. I was there when Paddy Crosbie was teaching Primary and when Brother Green was principle of Secondary.

    I am probably best remembered for my fiery red hair and for not attending school sometimes because I was always travelling around the world representing Ireland in swimming.
    I now live in Toronto, Canada, where I have been for the last twenty one years. I have been married for the last nineteen years and have a seventeen year old Son. I visit Ireland every few years, as my entire Family are still there.

    It would be great if anyone has any photos or a year book from 1983 (can’t remember if we had one) that they could share.

    Kind Regards


    • Hello Fergal
      Did some your family originally live on Parkgate St in the 50’s?
      If they did I can give you alas no photo’s but a few short memories to do with family.

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