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Brunner Debating Team in Trinity College


The debating competitions started off this year as Mr. Stynes got the best debaters in the school. The first competition was in Trinity College. For those of you who don’t know where Trinity is it is on College Green. It started at 7:30pm. We were in the Philosophical Society’s building. There were two teams and they started with the 1st team. It was about whether the Garda should carry weapons or not. Scott Delaney and Nonito were against the motion; they put up a very good debate between them. Scott was talking about his area where he lives and he said that he would not feel safe about the idea of the Garda having to carry around weapons, in weapons I mean GUNS.

All of the contestants were very good. The contestants delivered their points very well especially our two guys. Scott delivered his points very well and although he showed some nerves you have to give him some credit as it was his first time doing debating but he answered the questions that was given to him very  well. Then Nonito’s turn was up and he was fantastic at the debating. Well he would be as he is an experienced debater. He gave his points clearly and responded to the questions very impressively. Then the judicators went to tally up their points. It was very long for some reason it was never like this, we were all saying it must be very close, which it was. Scott and Nonito lost, but Mr. Stynes got a text from Mr. Miley to say that Mark Higgins and Michael Thomas’s debate was over and that Mark got through but Michael did not.

Overall, it was a great experience for the team

Ryan Savage

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